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ROAD TO SUCCESS Arborg works on labour and infrastructure challenges Just outside the picturesque Manitoba town of Arborg lies a bustling manufacturing hub.

Vidir Machine, Okno Manufacturing, Pro-Fab Group of Companies and Diemo Machine Works Inc. build and export farm and heating equipment, commercial and industrial storage products and custom goods. They also generate millions of dollars in revenue, job opportunities and international goodwill for Manitoba’s manufacturing sector.
And they face some challenges unheard of for plants in larger urban centres.
“These manufacturers ship $100 million worth of product every year all over the world, and the first six miles of the road leading from the plants aren’t paved,” says Pat McCallum, Arborg-Bifrost Community Development Corp. (ABCDC) economic development officer.
BOOM TOWN TOURIST AND NEW RESIDENTS ARE DISCOVERING ARBORG. Less than two hours north of Winnipeg, this lovely town of 1,200 — and growing — is best known as a thriving agricultural and manufacturing centre. But in recent years, Arborg’s tourism industry has also boomed, and it’s only getting better.

“It’s really starting to develop a critical mass,” says Pat McCallum, Arborg-Bifrost Community Development Corp. (ABCDC) economic development officer.
Firing on all cylinders While infrastructure needs are great, Arborg region basking in its prosperity
ARBORG - This town will continue travelling down the road to happiness as long as more roads are paved in the neighbouring Rural Municpality of Bifrost.
Arborg is already prospering at the end of Hwy. 7, 100 kilometres north of Winnipeg. It is the fastest growing community in the Interlake and seventh fastest in Manitoba, boasting a population that rose by 12.8 per cent to 1,152 in the past five years.
Even more impresive, "greater" Arborg-people with Arborg mailing addresses-has grown by 37 per cent from 1,298 to 1,782 in the same period.
Arborg, Bifrost jump on the bus ARBORG — The Arborg Bifrost Community Development Corporation (ABCDC) is stepping up its efforts to attract new residential and commercial development to the area.

First and foremost in its marketing plan is a brand new website that is set to launch on Sept. 13. The website, "", will come on-board parallel to an aggressive ad campaign to be run in Winnipeg.

Pat McCallum, economic development officer for ABCDC, said the ad campaign will run for six weeks and feature 16 bus boards on Winnipeg transit buses. She said the campaign will be a run-up to a face-to-face meeting in early October with the Winnipeg business community. "Winnipeg businesses will be invited to a reception to highlight the benefits of Arborg," she said.

Business Advantages

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Arborg and the surrounding Rural Municipality of Bifrost are experiencing a rate of growth like few other rural communities!

Strategically located a short one-hour drive North of Winnipeg in the Heart of the Interlake, we are being revitalized by growth and innovation in manufacturing, processing and the agribiz value-added industry as well as by the many families immigrating to the area. The region is also increasing in popularity as a tourist destination.

With growth and change comes opportunity and the Arborg-Bifrost Community Development Corporation is helping existing and prospective businesses capitalize on the many opportunities that are emerging by facilitating projects, mobilizing resources and developing partnerships.

Economically speaking….. Arborg/Bifrost is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

We are “Growing Arborg” and we invite you to grow along with us!

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Contact: Pat McCallum
Arborg-Bifrost Community Development Corporation
P.O. Box 159, Arborg, Manitoba R0C 0A0
204.376.5742 Fax: 204.376.5379

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